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In his book Tobias Thayer examines the applicability of Cross-Cultural Management (CCM) literature to successful retention management in China. The lack of loyalty of Chinese employees towards foreign enterprises in China and the resulting high turnover rates have become considerable challenges to success. Often, the reason for failure is a lack of awareness for cultural differences and the resulting inability to motivate and retain local employees. CCM is a field of research not well defined yet. It borrows from multiple fields of studies such as management & economics, sociology, psychology, linguistics, translation sciences, and cultural & communications sciences. The author made an attempt to structure this undefined field of studies into categories and assessed each category according to its relevance for retention management in China. In the second part of the book, the author stepped beyond Western management literature and explained how phenomena of Chinese culture and history may have had an influence on Chinese employees' behaviour towards Western employers. Elements that appear to be of relevance are Confucianism, the communist Danwei-System, and many more...

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